Sebastián Rulli would sell a lot on OnlyFans and these photos prove it

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Mexico.- Sebastian Rulli would sell a lot on OnlyFans and these photos prove it. The actor showed that if he puts his mind to it, he could be the most popular celebrity on the adult content platform.

In addition to being one of the most sought-after actors on Mexican television, 47-year-old Sebastián Rulli boasted that he has one of the most enviable bodies in the middle of the show.

This Friday, September 30, Sebastián Rulli set fire to social networks by sharing a couple of photos where he looks from the bathroom.

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A week ago, Sebastián Rulli was very happy to be able to celebrate his eighth anniversary with Angelique Boyer, 34 years old.

Sebastián Rulli and Angelique Boyer have become one of the strongest couples in the middle of the show, although they have also had to face some separation rumors.

After his participation in the telenovela 'LOS Ricos Also Cry', Sebastián Rulli has remained very active on social networks where he impacted his followers by sharing hot photos.

Worthy of an OnlyFans account, Sebastián Rulli shared a couple of photos where he shines from the shower.

Sebastián Rulli shared the images pointing out: Friday!! Play CLEAN and carved thoroughly because it plays!! This is not witchcraft, but I assure you that it helps and works wonderfully. Today it's your turn too?

In this way Sebastián Rulli showed that if he had his OnlyFans account he would be one of the celebrities who would sell the most content.

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To avoid speculation about their relationship, Sebastián Rulli specified that the person in charge of taking these hot photos was nothing more and nothing less than Angelique Boyer.

Sebastián Rulli and Angelique Boyer are very happy after celebrating eight years of relationship. The actor shared a video where he recalled the trips he has made with his partner.

In his Instagram post, Sebastián Rulli was very much in love and stressed that his relationship with Angelique Boyer is going very well.

“Happy eight years and counting. And who was going to say? 'Me'. From the moment I kissed your lips in that intimate way, I knew that we were going to take care of this and value it as the treasure it is. There is no doubt that our love is the most beautiful thing I have ever felt and I want to keep it.

Sebastian Rulli

Sebastián Rulli pointed out that he will continue working to spend more days with Angelique Boyer.

“And since nothing is perfect, I will work hard and I know you will too, to continue sharing it and enjoying it like every second by your side. Let's go for more. I love you, my sky”

Sebastian Rulli

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