Sebastián Rulli celebrates directing 'Los Ricos Tambien Lloran', TelevisaUnivision's telenovela

Sebastian Rulli is the heartthrob of the new version of “Rich people cry too” which also stars claudia martin. The telenovela has already premiered in Mexico with great success and Rulli gives life to the character of Luis Alberto Salvatierra.

Rulli has been happy with the production work that is being carried out that he dedicated a message to the director on Instagram louis manzo so it manages to draw from each actor in each scene.

“The direction in a project is very important! If we can be very happy and proud of something in #losricostambienlloran, it is how homogeneous all the characters are, thanks to the hand and talent of our directors, headed by Maestro @manzoluis”, published the heartthrob of Argentine origin.

“I hope you can appreciate it! As actors we always appreciate the wisdom, sensitivity and good eye of the director when putting together each scene. They are our Guides!! I hope you are enjoying these chapters a lot!! Thank you for so much love and nice messages. You are our greatest motivation !!”, added the actor.

Rulli's co-star, claudia martinjoined the congratulations in the comments, adding, “Thank you all so much for making this dream come true.”

Angelique Boyer, Rulli's girlfriend, also responded with the following: “Everyone is great! What a beautiful project."

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