Searching Mothers will propose the Nobel Peace Prize to cartel leaders if they end disappearances

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Searching Mothers of Tamaulipas asked drug cartel leaders to stop forced disappearances and violence in Mexico, so if they agree they will be nominated to win the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize.

“If you help us pacify the country, prevent and stop disappearances and forced disappearances in Mexico, I and law professors who collaborate with me will propose you as candidates to win the 2024 Nobel Peace Prize,” said Delia Icela Quiroa, spokesperson for the National Collective of Victims Diez de Marzo and Union of Collectives of Searching Mothers in Tamaulipas.

In a recording, the Human Rights activist recalled that this announcement was made in follow-up to the message that she had already sent to the drug trafficking bosses on May 28 where a peace agreement was requested, which, she said, was approved by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

He explained that according to the creator of the Prize, Alfred Nobel, the only requirement to be nominated is that the person has "worked more or less in favor of brotherhood among nations, the abolition or reduction of the raised Armies and the celebration and promotion of peace agreements. They can be characters or organizations that meet these requirements.”

“Unfortunately, in our country the ability to govern by our authorities has been lost, and many times it is you who put order in some regions, preventing rapes and robberies of the population, among other crimes,” commented the activist.

Lawyer Delia Icela Quiroa mentioned that she did not believe that these drug trafficking leaders chose to be where they are, because, as she said, “they have been victims of the government just like us.”

“It is time to evolve our consciences and build a country in peace, because if we are in peace, we can all perform better in our work and have a happier life with our family,” he said.

He assured that these criminal leaders do not need to use violence or fight to the death to get respect because they are already “even afraid.”

“People in Mexico will never mess with you, but we do need this uncontrollable violence to stop for the good of all Mexicans and to promote respect among us,” he noted.

He added that with this, a transitional justice process can begin in which the leaders of the drug cartels can restart “a new life” and comprehensive reparation to the victims is prioritized.

“Which is not only understood economically, but is above the common good and the prevention of events that, if they continue to happen, will remain forever in our collective mind if we do not do something today,” he said.

The message was addressed to the leaders of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG); Sinaloa Cartel; Gulf Cartel; Northeast Cartel; Old School Zetas Cartel; Salazar Cartel; Tijuana Cartel; Juárez Cartel; Beltrán Leyva Cartel; The Michoacana Family and the Knights Templar.

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