Scientists reveal when the Sun will die, it will be epic

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Although we do not take it very much into account, solar system life in which the Earth is located is not infinite and will end when the sun diesa fact that will happen in a few billion years.

Recently, the scientific publication Science Alert compiled some studies that calculate how and when will be the end of the sun and therefore of our planet.

Scientists have calculated that The Sun is about 4.6 billion years old., calculated with the age of other Solar System objects that formed at the same time; so, based on observations of other stars, astronomers predict that will reach the end of its life in about 10 billion years.

Although it will still be alive for about 10 billion years more, halfway through that time, the sun will begin to undergo major changes and will become a red giant.

With that change, the core of the star will shrink, but its outer layers will expand to the orbit of Mars, gobbling up our planet in the process.

After becoming a red giant, according to a study by an international team of astronomers, it will most likely Sun shrinks from a red giant to a white dwarf and then end up as a planetary nebula.

According to Science Alert, planetary nebulae are relatively common throughout the observable Universe, with the famous Helix Nebula, the Cat's Eye Nebula, the Ring Nebula and the Bubble Nebula.

Humanity will disappear long before

According to scientific calculations, nor the humans, nor the other inhabitants of the Earth we will be close to witness the death of the Sunbecause life on our planet only has about a billion years left.

That's because the Sun is increasing its brightness by 10 percent every billion years. That increase in brightness will end life on Earth. Our oceans will evaporate, and the surface will become too hot for water to form.

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