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Ruben Cortes.

Eliminating full-time schools (which gave free study and food to 3.6 million poor children) is part of the promotion of mediocrity based on the thesis of a president who admits that those who do not believe in his government are "those who studied undergraduate pa' above".

A terrifying compliment to rudeness. Because it is a government that refuses to evaluate teachers and that gave the leadership of education to the CNTE, an urban insurgent group that forces teachers to join, and since 1989 boycotts education with street violence throughout the country.

The current government made a constitutional reform that handed over to the CNTE the allocation of positions in the teaching profession, as well as the entry, promotion and permanence of teachers in the educational system: all this, without teachers having to be evaluated.

The CNTE also grants places automatically for graduates of normal schools, the National Pedagogical University and Updating Centers, and decides who occupies the places and changes teachers' schools.

Thus, it buried the reform of the previous government, which established precise rules so that those who aspired to enter, stay and be promoted as teachers, directors or supervisors were based on their studies, and not on being members of the CNTE, as it is today.

It is a fatal obsession to destroy any successful program or policy established since 1990. For this reason, he even changed the name of Carlos Salinas' FTA. For this reason, he destroys everything that could leave a legacy that is not his own.

It is an administration that values ​​personal pretensions more than those of the State, as if, over the years, it was said "poverty fell with the program Progress-Opportunities-Prosper of Zedillo, Fox, Calderón and Peña”.

“The airport or the educational and energy reforms; the textbooks, the full-time schools in Peña.” For this reason, in principle, yesterday the full-time schools “of Peña” were eliminated. Although nothing was "of Peña", but of the Mexican State.

But he also eliminated them because this government does not generate money, and he spent three years sucking up the investment savings that the previous government left him: close to 12 billion pesos a year, very juicy, which he found in the coffers when he began to govern.

They need a lot of money to finance "their" legacy: "their" airport, "their" train, "their" refinery. Full-time schools had a very large bag: 280 billion pesos in 2018, for example.

Now, they took out those 280 billion pesos (which gave free education and food to 3.6 million poor children and marginalized sectors) to put them in Dos Bocas.

And you know what? They are changing schools for tar.

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