School bus crashes in Colombia and leaves 6 children dead | News

The governor of the northwestern Colombian department of Santander, Mauricio Aguilar, confirmed on Tuesday that a school bus had crashed in the municipality of San Andrés, leaving six children dead and 15 people injured, including adults.


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Local media reported that the vehicle left the Agricultural Institute of Laguna de Ortices bound for San Andrés, to leave the students in their homes, when it fell into the abyss in Alto de San Pedro, in front of the Laguna de Ortices.

The school bus went off the road and rolled about 200 meters. Due to the seriousness of their injuries, four of the 15 injured were taken by helicopter to Bucaramanga, the department’s capital city.

Aguilar reported that he went to the municipality to coordinate the evacuation efforts and care for the families of the children who lost their lives. At night he arrived at the San José de San Andrés Hospital to accompany the families and provide support.

“I immediately assume the attention of this tragedy together with my work team. We are going to personally coordinate the attention to all the families affected in this tragic incident, ”the governor published on his Twitter account.

“In this traffic accident, the causes of which are under investigation, six children died and another nine were injured,” said the commander of the Santander Police, Colonel Franklin Cruz, in an interview with local media.

The Director General of the National Police of Colombia, General Jorge Luis Vargas Valencia, arranged a specialized group led by the Director of Traffic and Transport of the Police, Major General Juan Libreros, to investigate and determine the causes of the accident.

“We extend our deepest condolences to the families of the little angels who died in the middle of this accident and we hope for a speedy recovery of the injured,” said the head of the Metropolitan Police of the city of Bucaramanga, Brigadier General, Samuel Darío Bernal, who He is also a member of the police investigation team of the event.

Later, the governor of Santander announced another road accident in Carmen de Chucurí and specified that the causes are still being investigated and that relief agencies are providing assistance. “Fortunately, there is no loss of human life. The injured are being transferred to nearby health centers,” he added.