Sayonara Vargas proposes budget adjustment from the Federation to guarantee annual payment of benefits to education workers in Hidalgo

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Mexico.- Deputy Sayonara Vargas Rodríguez (PRI) presented a proposal with a point of agreement to the Permanent Commission of the Congress of the Union in which the heads of the Ministry of Public Education and of Finance and Public Credit are exhorted to carry out the administrative adjustments to guarantee the payment of benefits for the education sector in Hidalgo.

In a statement, the parliamentarian for Hidalgo assured that this requires 340 million pesos.

"Hidalgo is not being recognized for his efforts and achievements in educational efficiency and contrasts with other states that receive more federal economic resources with much less results," he said.

In 2014, he said, the SEP and the SHCP carried out a reconciliation of positions and benefits, but in this process they did not recognize Hidalgo 14 of the latter, "so that the state government solves it by different means, which means pressure constant to the finances of the entity ”.

He indicated that Hidalgo is among the states that receive the least operating expense per student, while the national average is 970 pesos, this entity can only exercise 373 pesos, while Oaxaca has an operating expense per student of 776 pesos and Chiapas of 627 pesos.

In Hidalgo, its educational authorities, its teachers and its students carry out their work and deliver results for basic education; "Nothing is being asked for that is not fair and equitable."

He mentioned that this is the third legal resource that he has used since the beginning of the Legislature to address the issue, having as the first antecedent a request for management of resources before the Budget and Public Account Committee, as well as a reservation presented during the discussion of the Budget of Expenditures to the Federation, the latter voted against by the majority group of Morena in the Chamber of Deputies.

He also indicated that he presented another proposal with a point of agreement to urge the Government of Mexico and SIPPINNA to reformulate the National Strategy for Early Childhood Care, as well as the Ministry of Health to implement nutritional workshops and vaccinate children who are They find in early childhood, and the Ministry of Public Education to develop a program that favors the gradual and progressive incorporation into face-to-face classes.

With information from the Chamber of Deputies

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