Say her name, Valentina Orellana-Peralta


Say her name so that her memory does not die: Valentina Orellana-Peralta.

At the funeral, her parents wore black T-shirts with the inscription “Justice for my daughter Valentina! Sunglasses. A mask with the same demand.

It is that on December 23, at noon, they killed his daughter.

Who can describe the horror of the mother, Soledad Peralta?

They are a family of immigrants from Santiago, Chile.

Mother and daughter arrived in Los Angeles only six months ago to be reunited with an older daughter.

They arrived with happy dreams, the same ones that we brought with us, those that guided us like a column of fire when it was our turn to emigrate.

Valentina loved to skateboard. His dad bought him one as a Christmas present but couldn’t give it to him.

They say that she was an excellent student; some say “genius”. That she learned English in record time, that she was a social activist. The photo shows a beautiful teenage girl.

I wanted to be an engineer.

That day, she was trying on clothes in the dressing room of the Burlington store in North Hollywood to go to a quinceañera, when the manager of the place called the police saying that someone was assaulting a woman.

When the agents arrived they fired. One of them killed the assailant with a rifle. But another bullet went through the wall and killed Valentina.

The mother held the body in her arms. Screaming, he asked the agents for help. She says that they looked at her without moving, until they tore her body off, which was left in the place of her death, surrounded by clothes for sale, stained with her blood.

The death of Valentina shook people. Still Mayor Garcetti detailed the promise of an in-depth investigation.

Activists asked California prosecutor Rob Bonta that the investigation be independent and not carried out by the police. They didn’t have to ask, because he was going to do it anyway. A new state law passed last July requires the state Department of Justice to investigate all fatal shootings of unarmed civilians by police.

The Chilean family asks for justice, but they know that nothing can turn the clock back, that there is no consolation, and that their lives have stopped.

“Daughter, give us strength to fight,” asks the mother.

As in other deaths of innocents at the hands of the police, there are massive expressions of pain and condolences.

Chris F, a cousin, is collecting money on behalf of the family for emergency needs. They established an account on Gofundme under the name Justicia para Nuestra Valentina.

“Our entire family is overwhelmed with the outpouring of love, compassion and kindness that you have all shown Valentina and her immediate family,” writes Chris.

Of the goal of $ 130,000 they have raised $ 92,300, donated by 2,400 people.

Some left messages.

“For our Chilean.”

“Justice for Valentina. No 14-year-old should have to give his life for a senseless act. Stop all these senseless police shootings. “

“RIP Valentina. The officer must be held accountable and the LAPD must change its policies! Careless officers should pay for the funerals of the victims with their pensions every time there is a wrongful death. “

“Valentina was beautiful. She didn’t deserve to lose her life in such a horrible way. May God hold her in his loving arms and give her family strength to endure such an unimaginable and senseless loss. His story has deeply touched my heart. “

“I can’t see how (the police officers) sleep at night. I can’t see how their wives sleep with them at night. Arrest those monsters ”.

And finally: “The police don’t have to shoot their guns in a crowded shop.”

That’s true.

Why did they open fire in a store full of people? Bullets almost never hit their target, contrary to what is seen in the movies. Why didn’t they try to subdue the attacker with one of the many tools they carry with them?

Fate is blind, unforgiving, unfair, terrible.

This week, between calls for justice and police reform, Valentina was buried in the Gardena cemetery.

Gofundme account to help the family:

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