Save $120 on a Video Doorbell & Indoor Camera Bundle

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This article is sponsored by QVC. These items were selected from QVC because we love them and we thought you might like them at these prices. If you buy something from our links, E! makes a commission on your purchase. Prices are accurate as of publish time. Items are sold by retailer, not E!.

They say home is where the heart is, and that's the case with Ring. Well, in a way. When you have a reliable security system that stays connected with you wherever you (and your phone) go, home is literally where you and your heart are. With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season just around the corner, it means there's a lot of online gift shopping to do, from cute booties and cozy winter basics for the fashionistas to perfumes, scented shower gels, and makeup for the beauty gurus in making. Naturally, this means there's bound to be a lot of people, from friends & family to delivery people, coming to and from your house all the time (along with your precious packages).

If you want to keep track of all this activity while maintaining your peace of mind that there's no suspicious activity like porch pirates hanging around your vicinity, this Ring bundle on QVC is an absolute must-have. It comes with a Ring video doorbell, indoor security camera, and Ring Assist+, so you can make sure your residence stays safe and sound (without having to recreate Home Alone scenes to guard your house from ill-intentioned thieves). Usually, this elevated, state-of-the-art security comes at a hefty price, valued at $259.99 retail price, but with this set, you can save 46% and grab the entire set for just $139.99.

As your friendly neighborhood shopping specialists, we know deals this good don't last very long; In fact, you have just today to click that "Checkout" button to access this special discount (or until it's sold out, which is quite likely). If you want to invest in your home security (and sanitation), we're sure you won't regret purchasing this bundle. So keep reading to learn more about what makes each item in this kit so great, as various shoppers who already made the dive have noted below.

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