Saúl Álvarez is due for his 40th knockout against Jermell Charlo | Video

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Victory, yes; knockout, no.

Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez successfully retained his titles super middleweight by winning by unanimous decision 118-109, 118-109 and 118-109 to the American Jarmell Charloa fight held this Saturday before more than 20 thousand fans at the T-Mobile-Arena in Las Vengaswho were once again left wanting a victory by technical knockout of the Mexican.

Alvarez Barragan dominated the fight from start to finish, but it was until the seventh roundwhen he could do damage with a combination up and down Charlowho planted his knee on the canvas, received the referee's protection bill Harvey Dock and arrived without any further scares to the decision of the judges.

With this victory, not very brilliant, “Canelo” Alvarez once again gives arguments to his detractors, who He has criticized him for the election like his rivals; at the same time that he once again breaks his word to finish on the fast track, as happened last May against the British John Ryder at the Akron Stadium in Guadalajara.

Saul Alvarez arrives added his victory 60, 39 by knockout, two draws and two losses; while, Charlo suffered his second setback with 35 wins, 19 by knockout, and one draw.

Throughout this Saturday's fight, Saúl Álvarez sought to harm Charlo with his greater power of fists, who surpassed him in height and speed, but he renounced the exchange of blows at all times and resorted to constant hugging to avoid danger.

Alvarez Barragan He almost achieved the long-awaited knockout in the seventh episode, when He connected his rival down and up, but he was unable to settle it after the protection bill. Charlo did a survival fight against the Mexican who even looked tired and desperate towards the end.

This is how the fight went down at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada:

Round 1
– A lot of study, little exchange of blows. I chat from a distance. Canelo without achieving the distance to do damage.

Round 2
– Álvarez Barragán walks forward, connects his first blows, especially with his right; Charlo retreats and looks for the counterattack.

Round 3
– He chatted on the balls of his feet, forcing the Mexican to chase him around the ring. The American resorts again and again to the hug to contain the Mexican.

Round 4
– Canelo connects his first combinations, punishes Charlo's liver area with a left hand, who retreats from the greater power of the Tapatio's fists.

Round 5
– Canelo Álvarez maintains the chase throughout the ring for Charlo, who opts for the hug to escape danger. The Mexican fails to harm his rival.

Round 6
– Canelo resorts to questionable tactics to corner Charlo and try to connect him, without referee Harvey Dock noticing. The American does not change his combat plan.

Round 7
– Charlo planted his knee on the canvas, after an up and down combination by Álvarez, who sought the knockout against an evasive American who reached the bell.

Round 8
– Charlo seeks to keep Álvarez at a distance with his left jab, who by approaching his rival runs the risk of a headbutt from the American.

Round 9
– Charlo unleashes quick combinations, but without doing much damage to Álvarez Barragán. The Mexican looks for the slightest carelessness of his rival to make her pay for the greater power of his fists.

Round 10
-Saúl Álvarez seems tired, he no longer looks for Charlo with the same intensity, who remains on the balls of his feet and avoids the exchange of blows.

Round 11
– The Mexican champion is unable to harm Charlo, who keeps his distance and opts for the hug to escape danger.

Round 12
– Canelo looked for the decisive blow, which did not come.

Unanimous decision
Canelo 118-109, 118-109 and 118-109.

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