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The International Olympic Committee (IOC) declared on Wednesday that was not consulted in the decision of Olympic Council of Asia (COA) to choose Saudi Arabia to host the 2029 Asian Winter Games.

The choice for the sport fair in the COA general meetingheld on Tuesday, caused a great surprise in the sports world, since Arabiana mostly desert state, is the scene of very sporadic snowfalls and It does not have infrastructures or tradition in winter sports.

This lack of facilities also means that most of the infrastructure required in the multidisciplinary event must be built from scratch.

On the participation of the IOC for the decision, a spokesman for the international Olympic rector stated:

The IOC was not consulted on the decision of the COA in relation to the Asian Winter Games and was not involved in the decision-making process.

Riyadhcapital of the Arab country, plans to build a mountain tourist complex called Project NOSwhich will cost 500 billion dollars. The complex called TROJENAit is expected to be ready for 2026 and offer outdoor skiing, an artificial freshwater lake, and a nature reserveaccording to the project website.

About, the IOC spokesman added:

For the Olympic Games, the IOC made it clear in the Olympic Agenda 2020+5 that there is a clear priority for existing venues. If these do not exist, the use of temporary headquarters is encouraged. […] If none of these options works from a sustainability point of view, the respective events can even be held outside the host country of the Games. The IOC also requires the organizing committees to achieve a climate-positive Olympic Games.

Paris will celebrate the 2024 Summer Olympicswhile the Italian town of Cortina D'Ampezzo will house those of winter 2026. those of summer 2028 will be held in The Angelswhile BrisbaneAustralia, will organize the 2032.

NOS is the crown prince's most ambitious project Mohammed bin Salman under the Saudi Kingdom's Vision 2030 development plan for reduce dependence on oil and transform the economy. The initiative is a 26,500 km high-tech development squares in the Red Sea, will include the zero carbon city “The Line”as well as industrial and logistics areas.

(With information from Reuters)

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