Sarmiento ties Barracas Central 1-1 at the closing date of the League Cup classics

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Sarmiento de Junín visit to Central Barracks in the stadium Hurricane with the mission of adding a victory that distances them from the red zone of relegation and consolidates their place in qualifying positions for the League Cup quarterfinals. This matchup of the classics date, seventh interzonal, is played in the stadium Tomás Adolfo Ducó with the arbitration of Fernando Espinoza, who is assisted by Ariel Penel in the VAR.

He Green of Junín occupies the third place in Zone B with 9 points and a victory, depending on the result of Belgrano (10) before Workshopsyou can leave it on the first line next to Racing (12). At the same time, the three points would be a measure of tranquility in the fight to escape relegation from the general table, which until now is suffering Gymnastics and Fencing La Plata with 36 units, three less than Sarmiento and five in relation to Handsome. The local team gave up margin in that dispute after losing in their last two outings, the most recent with a win against the T (0-4).

Sarmientowhich accumulates four dates without winningwas successful in two away games in the domestic competition (1-1 against Defensa y Justicia and 0-0 against Lanús).


Referee: Fernando Espinoza.

VAR: Ariel Penel.

Stadium: Hurricane (Local Barracas Central).

TV: TNT Sports.



Godoy Cruz receives Institute in one of the pairings on the seventh date of the Professional League Cup. The match is played in the stadium Malvinas Argentinas of Mendozawith arbitration of Nicolas Lamolina and is transmitted by Public TV, ESPN and ESPN Premium.

On the interzonal date of the “classics”, the Tomb and The glory They have a duel with different realities in the province of Cuyo. He Grocer addition 8 points and he is one of the undefeated of the Zone B but with a debt of triumphs since it has five draws in a row. The Cordoba team, meanwhile, has 9 units and in his last presentation he rescued a valuable goalless draw in Avellaneda against Independiente.

The team of Diego Daboveformer coach of Godoy Cruz, settled well in the annual table with 41 points, but it cannot be neglected since the distance with the relegation zone is only five units. The local team is in another fight since with 49 points it is in the qualification zone for the next Copa Sudamericana.

Mendoza and Córdoba faced each other for the first time in the First Division last July in the Professional League and it was a triumph for the Tomb by 4-2 in Mendoza.


Referee: Nicolás Lamolina.

VAR: Luis Lobo Medina.

Stadium: Malvinas Argentinas (Mendoza).

TV: Public TV/ESPN/ESPN Premium



Platense and Argentinos Juniorsfocused on different objectives, will animate the last of the traditional classics of the interzonal date of the Professional League Cup. The match will be played in the stadium City of Vicente López from the twenty-onewith arbitration of Fernando Rapallini, Jorge Baliño in the VAR, and transmission of ESPN Premium.

“Calamar”, focused on moving away from the relegation zone in the annual table, will seek its third consecutive victory at home, after beating Lanus (2-1) and Santa Fe Union (1-0). With that little streak, he gave the coach oxygen Martin Palermowho was close to leaving his position due to a seven-game drought between last League, the Argentine Cup and the LPF Cup in progress.

Platense is currently located at five points away from Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata, that today would lose its category due to general classification. In between are ten other rivals who fight for the same objective of permanence.

Argentines aims to enter the qualifying zone for the Copa Libertadores 2024. With 50 points, is located in positions of South American and will reach Vicente Lopez with the intention of recovering from the defeat beforeand Columbus in Santa Fefirst with Pablo Guede as DT.

He Brown has an advantage of five games in the history of Professionalism, with 26 wins, 30 draws and 21 losses in 77 games. The distance is extended to seven games, adding the three they played in the era amateur.

Probable formations

Platense: Ramiro Macagno; Raúl Lozano, Ignacio Vázquez, Gastón Suso and Juan Infante; Leonel Picco, Franco Díaz and Nicolás Castro; Ciro Rius, Nicolás Servetto and Lucas Ocampo. DT: Martín Palermo.

Argentinos Juniors: Alexis Martin Arias; Marco Di Césare, Miguel Torrén and Lucas Villalba; Javier Cabrera, Federico Redondo, Francisco González Metilli and Mariano Bíttolo; Leonardo Heredia Gabriel Ávalos and Luciano Gondou. DT: Pablo Guede.

Referee: Fernando Rapallini.

VAR: Jorge Baliño

Stadium: Platense.

Start time: 21:00.

TV: ESPN Premium.



Atlético Tucumán will receive tonight Central Córdoba of Santiago del Estero in a duel between teams from northern Argentinaa Professional League Cup, that have been the protagonists of a growing rivalry in recent years. The match corresponding to the seventh date will begin at twenty-one in the stadium José Fierro Monumentalwith arbitration of Nazarene Arasa and transmission of TNT Sports.

He Dean and the Railway will face each other again after the serious incidents that occurred at the end of July in the Mother of Cities stadium with the presence of more than ten thousand fans of the local team. On this occasion, the possibility of the presence of thousand Santiago fans but Security rejected the request.

The rivalry between Tucumán and Santiago is historical but between these teams it grew when they met again in the First Division of Argentine soccer. The duo team Favio Orsi-Sergio Gómez is undefeated in the Jose Fierro with seven wins and one draw and will try to climb positions in Zone A where it is tenth with 9 points.

Those led by Omar De Felipe They achieved an important victory at home against Defense and Justice (2-1) and now they will try to get a new away win where they only achieved one of the last nine.

He Railway you already know what it's like to win Tucuman in format of League Cup since in 2021 they won 2-1 against Atlético (which was coached by De Felippe) and the following year they repeated the celebration after winning 1-0.

Probable formations

Atlético Tucumán: Tomás Marchiori; Hernán De La Fuente, Bruno Bianchi, Nicolás Romero and Matías Orihuela; Adrián Sánchez, Guillermo Acosta, Ramiro Carrera and Joaquín Pereyra; Mateo Coronel and Ignacio Maestro Puch. DT: Favio Orsi- Sergio Gómez.

Córdoba Central: Matías Mansilla; José Gómez, Juan Patiño, Gustavo Canto and Lucas Angelini or Andrés Meli; Brian Farioli, Leandro Maciel, Mauro Pittón and Lucas Gamba; Luis Miguel Rodríguez and Christian Ocampos. DT: Omar De Felippe.

Referee: Nazarene Arasa.

VAR: Diego Ceballos.

Stadium: José Fierro Monumental.

Start time: 21:00.

TV: TNT Sports.


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