Sara Duque, Julián Álvarez's English teacher who steals the looks of fans (Photos)

Julián Álvarez with the colors of Manchester City.

Photo: Adrian Dennis/AFP/Getty Images

Sara Duque is Julián Álvarez's English teacherHe is also a specialist in linguistic training and gives language classes to several soccer players. The aforementioned teacher stole the eyes of the fans after a publication dedicated to the Argentine soccer player.

The Argentine's English teacher and World Champion, Julián Álvarez, congratulated him for having managed to master the language and stated that she was very proud of her student's progress.

From lifting the World Cup to conquering a new language, my student's talent knows no limits“, Sara Duque, Álvarez’s English teacher, wrote on Instagram.

Impressive progress in such a short period. Very proud of my student“, the teacher finished in her message. Faced with these compliments, the Argentine responded and thanked the teacher for her dedication To reach the goal.

Who is Julián Álvarez's English teacher?

The sexy teacher who is in charge of giving English classes to important soccer players, also dominates the number of seven languages. On her Instagram, in addition to posting her achievements as an academic, you can see sexy photos with thousands of likes on a profile that has 41,500 followers.

The publication of the Portuguese-born professor dedicated to Julián Álvarez has so far registered more than 33,000 likes and 1,400 comments from fans.

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