Santos thrashes FC Juárez and 'caresses' a ticket to Play-in

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There was reconciliation at the Corona Stadium, since Santos beat FC Juárez 5-1 and thus they revive their hopes of qualify for the leaguetaking advantage of the defensive facilities of a rival who didn't offer much resistance.

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The match It started in Torreón with a Santos forced to win to maintain aspirations of qualifying for the league, having the first approximations of the meeting, but it would be until 24' who found the first goalin a center that finished between three defenders Harold Preciado for him 1-0.

Although the locals dominated the actions, Braves found a counterattack in a bad start, Aviles Hurtado He drove several meters and simply gave the ball away to Michael Santoswho pushed just to put the 1-1 at 32'.

The advantage did not last long, Warriors took advantage of a corner kick to win again in a header Félix Torres makes it 2-1 at 36' and so they would go to rest.

After resuming the tone did not change, again those of Pablo Reppeto took advantage and just in the 51st minute Juan Brunetta received a diagonal pass to finish with power and put the 3-1. The Santista festival continued and 78' the laguneros stole the ball, they launched another counterattack and again Brunetta entered with all the facilities to define before the departure of Talavera the 4-1.

Bravos was already totally dedicated and At 81' Javier Correa went into the small area to put the end 5-1 on the scoreboard.

Saints thus comes to 17 pointswhile Braves is with 18. On the double day, both will visit the Warriors go to Mazatlán and Juárez goes to the Azteca Stadium to measure yourself Blue Crossin another vital duel.


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