Santiago Solari wants to change the format of Liga MX: “This format is not incompatible with also recognizing merit”


Santiago Solari was dismissed from Club Américo on the eighth date of Clausura 2022 after a bad start with the azulcrema team that ended up marking his exit through the back door in Mexican soccer.

The Argentine coach was unsuccessful in the Liguilla, but now he has declared that the points he scored with the Eagles would have earned him a title in Mexican soccer.

Solari set a record 38 points during his first championship, and then 35 in his second championship and lamented that those numbers were not more than enough to win a championship.

“The team had the best calendar year in the club’s history in terms of results. He was superleader for two semesters in a row. I have nothing but gratitude for them and I regret that this great effort has not been crowned with a title”, said the coach.

“In the Clausura we made 38 points and then tied the series with Pachuca 5-5. We didn’t lose but that was the rule at the time. Then they changed the rule to try to give the Liguillas some justice. In the Apertura we finished as super leaders but in the second leg of the series we had 20 very bad minutes that Pumas took advantage of and conceded two goals.

Solari was coach for 425 days at Club América, where he managed the team for 52 days and finished with a record of 27 wins, 12 draws and 13 losses.

“What I believe is that this format is not incompatible with also recognizing merit and regularity like the rest of the leagues. I am in favor of rewarding the team that finishes first, for obvious reasons. I do not see the inconvenience in recognizing his prize for the first and then playing the Liguilla in the same way as it is done now, with his quarters, his semis, his final and his champion. Afterwards they could even play a cup with each other. Thus, the Federation also guarantees that the best team will represent it in international competitions”.

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