Santiago Giménez dazzles the Feyenoord managers and is the main objective of the scouts

The "Bebote" has 17 goals in the season.

Photo: PIETER STAM DE JONGE/Getty Images

Santiago Giménez is one of the Mexican soccer players of the moment. The "Bebote" has excelled in the Eredivisie, UEFA Europa League and the Netherlands Cup. The performance of the former Cruz Azul striker has left very good impressions on the Old Continent and he would have become the main target of several scouts.

Feyenoord of the Netherlands cannot keep external interest in Giménez hidden. The general manager of the Dutch team, Dennis te Kloese, revealed that the "Bebote" constantly plays under the watchful eye of multiple scouts. The Aztec could leave in the next transfer market after a fantastic season in the Netherlands.

It is constantly full of scouts who come to see it. (…) He has really only been at the base during the winter holidays”, said the leader in an interview with Algemeen Dagblad.

The Mexican goalscorer and an impeccable adaptation

Santiago Giménez arrived at the club this season. The 21-year-old forward had to go through his period of adaptation to European football, but with 17 goals in his first year everything seems to indicate that he did not need it. It is worth mentioning that the "Bebote" achieved his great goalscoring quota with a few minutes on the field. The manager applauded the surprising performance of the Aztec.

It has been very popular with our fans. What I think is great: that you come from Mexico and adapt so quickly inside and outside the lines. That is worthy of a great compliment. But also one towards his teammates who make him feel at home on the pitch”, he added.

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