Santiago 2023: Mexican divers managed to qualify for the final

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Mexico This Friday the competition of nailed in the Panamerican Games of Santiago 2023, managing to classify all its registered athletes to the final, including the Olympic medalists Gabriela Agúndez and Alejandra Orozco.

In front of them, the Canadian Caeli McKay She came first among the 16 competitors with a total score of 343.95 achieved in the five attempts in the 10-meter platform jump.

They were left behind Agundezwith 333.75and Orozcowhich is one of the favorites to make the podium, with 320.10.

The Brazilian Ingrid de Oliveira She ranked fourth with 318.30 points, followed by the Cuban Anisley Garciawith 315.45.

The Mexican Alejandra Estudillo passed sixth with 311.60 points and Canadian Celina Toth reached eleventh place with a score of 251.80.

The Americans also advanced to the final Nike Agunbiade and Jordan Skilkenthe Puerto Rican Maycey Vieta and the Colombian Maria Isabella Gomez.

The classified list closed with the Dominican Victoria Garza which obtained 246.95 points.

The Colombian Mariana Osorio, the Puerto Rican Elizabeth Miclau, the Cuban Arlenys García and the Peruvian Pamela Reyes were left out.

The sight was set above all on Orozco, the youngest Mexican medalist in historywho was the first to jump and finally was below his compatriot Agúndez in the classification.

Both Orozco and Agúndez already have the ticket to the Paris 2024 Olympic Gamesalthough the first searches in Santiago for the gold medal which until now has not been obtained in the Pan American.

The final of the dived from the 10 meter platform will be disputed this Saturday in it National Stadium Park in Santiago.

(With information from EFE)

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