Santera explains how Talina Fernández's funeral ceremonies should have been due to her religion

Talina Fernandez.

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This week the Mexican television host died Talina Fernandez at 78 years old. The news caused several topics about his life to be remembered, including his religion, because According to what he said in an interview, he became a "saint" in the Yoruba religion.

What is better known as Santeria was practiced by Talina at some point in her life, for this reason, in the program "La Mesa Caliente" they invited a practitioner of that religion to reveal how the funeral process should be with her.

Talina's family said that her body would be cremated, About this, Giselle Blondet asked Tamara Sanabria, a santera, if she was okay and was going according to her rituals.

"It does not agree if the children have knowledge and are also santeros, but if it is their last will, it can be done, it does not disagree that they do it, they can do it"began by saying the Santera in the Telemundo program.

In the program they showed an interview in which her son Coco Levy talked about the different religions that Talina came to practice and what she thought of them.

“She had a very important relationship with Santeria, but she also had a very important relationship with Catholicism; she also had a very important relationship with a bunch of friends and her Jewish tribe. She was also a worshiper of Hinduism; She also believed in Diosito with her heart, she thought that all the languages ​​used to communicate with him are valid ”commented his son when asked about his mother's beliefs.

In that meeting with the press, he commented that a crematory act would be carried out with his mother. After that, together with her brother Patricio and her niece María, they would define which places the journalist liked a lot, including the sea, to throw part of her ashes.

On Levy's words, the santera who attended 'La Mesa Caliente' explained that the body should not be "burned" and that the first thing to do is look for an Obá (king among the Yoruba) to perform the pertinent rituals to "dismiss the saints that she was crowned”.

In the program hosted by Aylín Mujica, Giselle Blondet, Myrka Dellanos and Verónica Bastos, the practitioner of the Yoruba religion said that she understood that she and Talina shared the same “guardian angel” called “Yemaya (orishá of the sea)”.

Veil her with special garments

Sanabria commented that, if the remembered television host practiced the Yoruba religion, they should dress her to watch over her "with the gala dress, the dress with which she was crowned". In addition, he explained that it is clothing that is used only three times: “the day of the saint, the day you appear on a drum and the day you die”.

She also said that if cremation was her last will, that was also respected, although it did not go according to her rituals.

Talina had two religions hand in hand?

Although his son explained that he came to practice several, in the program 'La Saga' by Adela Micha, Fernández revealed that he became a "saint" and that this went hand in hand with Catholicism.

“You cannot be a santera if you are not Catholic, because you have to know all the saints and the attributes of each saint. And becoming a saint is like all initiation, you have to renounce a series of things, embrace others, respect others, you walk dressed in white for a year and it gives you the feeling that you are never alone again, that there is one deity and another that they are hugging you"
Talina Fernandez

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