Sanctions Russian military for 'systematic' sexual violence against Ukrainian women

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The European Union approved this Tuesday sanctions against Russian militarynine people and three entities, implicated in cases of sexual violence against women in the war in Ukraine, apart from other scenarios such as South Sudan, Afghanistan or Iran, where violence against women is on the rise, diplomatic sources confirmed.

At the gates of International Women's Day, the European bloc adds to its "blacklist" to police and military commanders responsible for repression against the Ukrainian population and, in particular, four leaders responsible for directing military units involved in sexual attacks against women during the Russian invasion of the neighboring country. Is about the first time andn which the Twenty-seven apply the sanctions regime for violation of Human Rights to cases of sexual violence against women.

The text of the sanctions, to which he had access Europe Presspoints to the division commander Nikolai Kuznetsov and Colonel Ramil Ibatullin, both Russian military leaders in the offensive against Ukraine, whose units systematically carried out acts of sexual violence against women between March and April 2022, in the early stages of the invasion.

scale and gravity of acts of sexual and gender-based violence in Russian-occupied areas of Ukraine speaks of a systematic planning. Commanders were aware of sexual violence by military personnel in Ukraine and, in some cases, encouraged and ordered it," says the legal text accompanying the sanctions, which points to gang rapes of Russian soldiers and cases of sexual assault. against pregnant women.

The sanctions also include Colonel Alexander Fedorinov and police officer Ivan Ryabov, both from the Moscow Police Station, for the arbitrary detention of protesters peaceful protests against the war launched by Vladimir Putin and by cDocumented torture cases.

Apart from the war in Ukraine, the EU takes action against the Afghan minister Mohamed Khalid Hanafi for restricting the freedom of women and girls, limiting your freedom of expression and issuing punishments against those who do not respect the edicts of the Taliban regime.

Other people sanctioned are two police commanders in South Sudan for systematic sexual attacks in their regions and the deputy interior minister of Burma for torture and rape in the Asian country.

The three entities that go on the European blacklist are the prison of Qarchak in Iran, the Burmese Military and Security Affairs Headquarters and the Syrian Republican Guard all responsible for cases of rape and torture during arbitrary detention.

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