Sánchez proposes a peace conference "in six months" that makes the two-state solution a reality

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On the other hand, Minister Albares has received a group of relatives of Hamas hostages, including a relative of Iván Illarramendi from Bilbao, kidnapped in a kibbutz in Israel since October 7 along with his wife.

Pedro Sanchezacting president of the Government of Spain, has proposed holding a Middle East peace conference "in six months" to make the two-state solution a reality, Israel and Palestine, although he has specified that the only one that remains to be recognized is the Palestinian state.

Sánchez's objective is that the entire international community feels involved and can find "definitively" a two-state solution for Israel and Palestine. At this point, he specified that Israel already has the support of the majority and, therefore, "the one who has to be recognized is the Palestinian people."

In statements to the media at the entrance to the leaders' summit being held in Brussels, he indicated that this is one of the main topics that the 27 will discuss.

At the moment the idea of ​​an international peace conference has not been defended in Europe, and is not included in the conclusions of the summit, despite the fact that the first drafts welcomed diplomatic initiatives such as the summit organized by Egypt.

The Government agreement signed with Sumar includes that both parties "will commit" to recognizing the Palestinian State, "in accordance with the resolution of the Congress of Deputies of November 18, 2014." Before signing the agreement, Yolanda Díaz's party asked for unconditional and unilateral recognition, without waiting for prior consensus within the European Union.

Regarding the violence in Gaza, the acting president has indicated that he is in favor of talking about a "ceasefire", but that if the conditions are not met they should ask for a "pause to channel all the humanitarian aid that the Palestinian population urgently needed." "The images and suffering being seen in the media in the Gaza Strip are unacceptable," he added.

Sánchez has also indicated that he supports Israel in its "defense" against the Hamas attacks they suffered a few weeks ago. However, he has once again stressed that it has to be carried out in compliance with international humanitarian law.

Finally, he urged the EU to be "brave", commit to finding a solution and "of course stand with those who are suffering, the civilians in Israel and also the civilians in Palestine."

Besides, Jose Manuel Albaresacting Minister of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation, has met with a group of relatives of Hamas hostages, including a relative of the man from Bilbao Ivan Illarramendi. Illarramendi is kidnapped, along with his wife. They both live in a kibbutz near the Gaza Strip.

The minister has conveyed to all of them his "support and solidarity with all those affected" by the Hamas terrorist attack and has reiterated his demand for an "unconditional and immediate release" of all those kidnapped.

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