San Miguel Totolapan, a ghost town after the massacre of its mayor and 19 other people

Images of the municipal palace of San Miguel Totolapan after the armed attack.

Photo: Francisco Robles/AFP/Getty Images

One day after the tragedy that occurred in the town of San Miguel Totolapan, Guerrero, where an armed group massacred 20 people, including the mayor of the communitythe atmosphere changed completely in the region.

Now the streets look empty, the businesses are closed and the fear of its inhabitants can be breathed in the airwho witnessed the brutal attack in which gunmen from the Los Tequileros criminal group besieged the town to gun down their victims.

In the surroundings of the place, only the elements of the federal and military forces that arrived in the community to provide security can be seen, a security that was absent a few hours before when the massacre was committed.

The only reason the neighbors came out of their houses was to bury several of the people who died. Even the vaccination campaign against COVID-19 scheduled for these days was suspended.

While, the educational authorities of the region determined to suspend classes in all the schools of the municipalityin addition to canceling the employer’s fair that was held in the town’s main square, in honor of San Miguel Arcángel, and which was to end in five days.

Although from the first reports it was known that among the victims was the mayor of Totolapan, Conrado Mendoza Almeda, as well as his father, former municipal president Juan Mendoza Acosta, little by little information about other deceased people is spreading.

One of them was a 15-year-old high school student named Erick, who was hit by bullets as he passed City Hall on a scooter.

Martín Crezcano, a popsicle seller, was another of the victims. He belonged to the self-defense groups of the Movement for Peace of San Miguel Totolapan, and this Thursday he was buried in the middle of a caravan made up of his relatives and his state police.

For its part, the population remains fearful and few inhabitants want to speak to the media. “They even left us without authority,” one of the neighbors commented to the newspaper El Sol de México, while another woman assured that something like this had never been seen in the municipality.

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