San Luis regains leadership of Apertura 2023 with great assistance from Jürgen Damm

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Atlético de San Luis have a great moment in the tournament Opening 2023 of the Liga MXafter imposing 3-2 to Mazatlán FCin activity of the ninth day.

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With goals by Javier GüémezBrazilians Leo Bonatini and Vitinhothe San Luis residents arrived six successes in this championship to surpass the Águilas del América in the general table and place themselves as leaders provisional, with 19 points. Aké Loba scored a double for the Mazatlans.

The stadium Alfonso Lastras vibrated with ashoeby Javier Guémez in the 18th minute, who from the outskirts of the area hit him with his left foot, impossible for goalkeeper Hugo González.

The reaction of the purples arrived at minute 31 with a note from the Colombian Nicolas Benedettiwhich was reviewed by VAR, and ended up being dictated out of placethe same as he snatched the tie from them. The San Luis goalkeeper, Diego Urtiagaleft a ball alive in the area that Benedetti ordered to save in an inappropriate positionbut referee Fernando Hernández invalidated the goal.

The potosinos did damage again with a goal in added time of the first part. The Brazilian Leo Bonatini (45 +4') he pushed the ball after a service on the right meadow that could not deflect any Mazatlan defender.

To the minute 67the local team tied the three points with goal by South American Vitinho.

The Gunners wanted to raise spirits with the discount of Ake Loba (72'), but it was not enough given the damage that had already been done by Gustavo Leal's squad.

He Ivorian was again present on the scoreboard in the 87th minuteto end the meeting with a lot of drama, at 11 minutes added by whistler Hernández. In the agonizing match, Loba had a three-score tie that left the San Luis fans pale.

He Atlético achieved its sixth victory and reached 19 points by seven of the Sinaloans.

The next week Mazatlan FC will play again on a visit when he takes to the field of the akron stadium he Tuesday September 26to face Chivasafter advancing the game of the Day 11. Subsequently, Ismael Rescalvo's pupils will play as locals against Tigresin activity corresponding to the tenth date.


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