San Juan de Lurigancho The abandoned mansion in SJL: it has everything from a rodent nest to spaces to play chess

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The growth of Lima has not necessarily meant the application of any urban plan or compliance with any regulations. And in various corners of the capital we can find different protected areas, illegal occupations of land and constructions that openly contradict municipal regulations.

However, little is known about the number of unoccupied structures found in unknown locations, such as a huge construction in one of the elevated areas of the most densely populated district of Lima. San Juan de Lurigancho.

A well-known YouTube channel called “Dilo Nomas” reached that point. In the video you can see this enormous construction located in a desolate space far from any other home.

The place in question, from a distance, can be seen as a kind of Mansion In the middle of nowhere. Its colors are mainly gray, due to the concrete that blends with the arid landscape that surrounds it. Furthermore, it has high walls and the structure itself is mainly circular, with stairs and large patios.

At the first glance of its spaces, the wooden and cast iron benches that are placed in the main patio stand out, which still have some trees and plants that grow naturally without anyone taking care of them. Likewise, the walls have been partly invaded by moss and tartar.

On some of the benches there is the inscription “Santo Domingo de Guzmán 1981 - 2005”. According to the audiovisual material, it would be part of a university and will soon become part of the “Ciudad Munay” housing project, which will cover almost 300 hectares.

However, for now they welcome visitors accumulated garbagecomposed mainly of bottles, cans, among others, rusted by time and covered in dust.

Upon entering the place, it is possible to notice the strength of the columns and stairs that, despite the humidity and the passage of time, have not suffered cracks or any other impasse. This fact surprised the YouTubers, Juanma and Marko Tk, who took a tour of the interior of the facility.

Going even further, you can see that several of the floors They are covered by majolica that provide a certain color and contrast with the gray walls. There stands what appears to be a kind of hall with large columns and large laundry rooms.

These sinks can be found in almost all construction and surrounding environments. Due to the passage of time, they no longer have plumbing or finishes.

The building looks neglected but quite solid despite the time. (YouTube Capture "Just say it")
The building looks neglected but quite solid despite the time. (YouTube Capture "Just Say It")

The moons of the huge windows are conspicuous by their absence; However, on the floor of the enormous living room, one of the first rooms that stand out, there is a cistern covered by a small wooden board. A large space in the basement through which it is possible to go down for those who are not afraid of the dark or closed spaces.

Some particularities of the building are the bathrooms, with a strange layout, in addition to a long kitchen that spans between 30 and 40 meters. A dream for every expert cook, but a bit peculiar because of its size.

As you move through the enclosure you can also find depositsone of them with some belongings that would suggest that there are people who still visit and Possibly they have found in this space a place to shelter of inclement weather.

To the surprise of the youtubers, at the top of the structure there was more than one door secured with a padlock; However, it was possible to enter some of those rooms. What they found inside was mainly furniture corroded by the passage of time, but also by 'unwanted inhabitants'.

Apparently, a nest of rodents had destroyed part of the wooden doors and were staying in that room. It is not certain how many animals live there, but the number of fleas was undoubtedly a surprise for visitors, who within minutes of entering were already beginning to be infested by these insects.

The roof of this enormous building, despite the time, still maintains a water tank. This part can only be accessed by an old staircase.

The surroundings of the structure have two pergolas and even a space to play chess. (YouTube Capture "Just say it")
The surroundings of the structure have two pergolas and even a space to play chess. (YouTube Capture "Just Say It")

The tranquility of the area and the mystery it houses They do not end only within the old building, since it has long stairs that connect with other areas much further away. Walking through them you arrive directly at two pergolas that are kept in perfect condition, but also to a space with spectacular view and which has, in addition to the aforementioned laundry rooms, tables to play chess.

The YouTubers showed their astonishment at this abandoned compoundbut very well preserved, whose purpose in recent years has undoubtedly been to house within its mysterious and spacious spaces those who wish to pass through there.

One of the most populated and largest districts of Lima is San Juan de Lurigancho. (Andean)
One of the most populated and largest districts of Lima is San Juan de Lurigancho. (Andean)

In Lima, a large number of Peruvians constantly strive in search of a better future. With an extension of around 2 million 638 thousand square kilometers, This city is home to approximately a third of the national population, according to data from the Government of Peru. In the heart of this urban area, one district stands out notably: San Juan de Lurigancho.

This densely populated district stands as a demographic giant, being home to more than one million residents. Here, the gray hills mix with colorful homes and the continuous vehicular flow that characterizes Peru.

Although the area is also a great example of entrepreneurship and the desire to get ahead that every citizen has as a characteristic in Peru, criminal acts have recently been seen here that overshadow the growth of the district and have led it to be one of the most unsafe in Lime. Unfortunately, San Juan de Lurigancho today faces a state of emergency decreed by the national authorities whose main objective is to stop the crime that plagues the area and mainly affects the average citizen who can do little or nothing to safeguard his integrity and that of his family.

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