San Diego, overwhelmed by migrants, declares humanitarian crisis

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SAN DIEGO.— The board of aldermen of San Diego County, California, yesterday unanimously declared a humanitarian crisis due to lack of resources to care for more than 7,000 asylum seekers that immigration authorities have left on the streets in recent years. ten days.

Since September 16, immigration authorities have transported migrants from the border to the streets of San Diego, but they avoid detaining them or providing them with humanitarian assistance because, to do so, it would be to recognize them in custody and then the migrants could legally request asylum.

In an alliance, the president of the San Diego aldermen, the Tijuana immigrant Nora Vargas, and a conservative alderman, Jim Desmond, jointly proposed the declaration of a humanitarian crisis in the county.

Vargas said that while she and Desmond “may have fundamentally different views on immigration policy, we both agree that this county urgently needs federal resources as we face a humanitarian crisis.”

“We can’t just continue down this path,” Desmond said for his part. “We have empathy and must recognize the practical limits of our own ability to meet the needs of those who come to our region.”

Scope of the measure

The crisis declaration requests federal resources and personnel to manage processes for asylum seekers and connect them with their sponsors and final destinations, to prevent their release onto the streets of San Diego.

It also opposes “lateral transfers of asylum seekers, from other states” or jurisdictions, but without mentioning the state of Texas.

It also advocates for federal funds “to develop a long-term solution, including a permanent facility and operational support when asylum seekers are released onto county streets.”

San Diego is the third metropolitan area on the border that is declared in trouble because immigration authorities leave thousands of asylum seekers on the streets, after the city of El Paso declared itself at “break point” in Eagle Pass an emergency was declared.

“Cartels are like an annoying dog”

The Republican presidential candidate, businessman Vivek Ramaswamy, generated controversy by comparing Mexico to a “neighbor with an annoying dog: the drug cartels” and by threatening to send US troops to Mexican soil if the government does not take measures to combat them. the traffickers.

Ramaswamy, a biotechnology entrepreneur with no political experience, captured the public's attention despite his position in the polls during the first Republican debate held on Fox News, in which the favorite for the candidacy, Donald Trump, did not participate.

In an interview with the Fox Business channel, Ramaswamy said he was informed about the presidential campaign in Mexico and even directly about Claudia Sheinbaum, Morena's virtual candidate.

If he wins the Presidency in the November 2024 elections, Ramaswamy stated that he will take measures to “reestablish the relationship (with Mexico) and go after the dog that crosses the line. In military terms, it's called 'hot pursuit.'"

I'm going to pick up the phone and call Claudia Sheinbaum or whoever wins the next presidential election in Mexico. I appreciate that Andrés Manuel López Obrador is out,” she said.

Regardless of who is elected, the Republican candidate promised that he will seek to “help Mexico regain its sovereignty against the drug cartels that are invading our own homeland.”

“We should use our military to wipe out the Mexican drug cartels and finally end the supply-driven fentanyl crisis,” Ramaswamy said.

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