Samuel García and Mariana Rodríguez are parents… on weekends; they criticize them on networks

Governor of Nuevo Leon Samuel Garcia and his wife, the influencer Mariana Rodríguez became weekend parents, after requesting a permit from the Comprehensive Family Development system (DIF) Capullos to take a baby home and live with him.

Through their Instagram accounts, the couple “showed off” Emiliano in various stories, whom they dressed in the Tigres uniform and “phospho-phospho” tennis shoes.

“I am about to end the day here in Capullos very excited because Emilio is going to come to my house this weekend,” wrote Mariana.

According to what the influencer said, she asked for a family cohabitation permit, however, she has no relationship with the minor.

“I asked for a family cohabitation permit, since that is given when there is already a bond between the child and the family, for example, many of the children who went on vacation right now to family cohabitations with people who had a sentimental bond (. .) So you come with me for the weekend, it still can’t be foster care because I’m not certified, but for now it will be a weekend, so Samuel here we go”, she said.

The fact is already harshly criticized on social networks, accusing them of “using the baby” as a means of propaganda and not thinking about their emotional state.


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