Saints today: what is the saint for this Friday, September 8

Saints today: what is the saint for this Friday, September
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The saints' list changes every day and remembers those who were characterized by their good deeds. (Illustrative image Infobae)

Good deeds, mortal sacrifices and even inexplicable events arising from an apparent divinity, are the reasons why different individuals were beatified and canonized by the Vatican to carry with him the name of saint.

Every dayas indicated in the saint calendar, the life and death of these beings, men and women, who dedicated their existence to the same Catholic Church that earned them the appointment, is commemorated.

This is the saint's day Friday, September 8.

On this day many Marian devotions are celebrated: the "found" virgins: Our Lady of Nuria, Our Lady of Charity, Our Lady of Cisa, Our Lady of the Choir,, Our Lady of Covadonga, Our Lady of Grace, Our Lady of Llanos, Our Lady of Montserrate, Our Lady of Nazareth, Our Lady of the Pino, Our Lady of San Lorenzo, Our Lady of Setecilla, Our Lady of Socorro, Our Lady of Soterraña, Our Lady of Victoria...

Along with this character there is other saints and martyrs which are also celebrated this Friday, September 8, as the following:

Our Lady of Nuria

Saint Hadrian of Nicomedia

Saint Corbinian of Freising

Saint Isaac of Armenia

Saint Peter of Chavanon

Saint Sergius I Pope

Blessed Adam Bargielski

Blessed Frederick Ozanam

Blessed Ismael Escorihuela Esteve

Blessed Ladislaus Bladzinski

Blessed Marino Blanes Giner

Blessed Pascual Fortuño Almela

Blessed Salvador Mollar Ventura

Blessed Serafina Sforza

General view of a Mass for the canonization of 19th century British cardinal John Henry Newman, a Swiss laywoman, an Indian nun, an Italian nun and a nun known as the "Mother Teresa of Brazil"in the Vatican, October 13, 2019. (REUTERS/Remo Casilli)
General view of a Mass for the canonization of 19th-century British cardinal John Henry Newman, a Swiss laywoman, an Indian nun, an Italian nun and a nun known as "Mother Teresa of Brazil," at the Vatican, October 13, 2019. (REUTERS/Remo Casilli)

The Catholic and Orthodox Church uses canonization to declare a deceased person as a saint.which implies including her name in the canon (list of recognized saints) and permission to venerate her, recognizing her power before God.

During Christianity, people were recognized as saints without the need for a formal process; However, this changed in the Middle Ages.

In the case of Catholicism, the Church must carry out an exhaustive investigation of the life of the person to be sanctified and there are four ways to achieve the appointment: the path of heroic virtues; the path of martyrdom; that of exceptional causes, confirmed by an ancient cult and written sources; and that of the offer of life.

Furthermore, it is an essential requirement who has performed at least two miracles (or one in the case of being a martyr). Canonization is made in a solemn papal declaration and a feast day is assigned for liturgical veneration.

There is no established period to carry out the canonization of a character, since there are even cases like that of Saint Peter Damian who was canonized until 756 years after his death or, on the contrary, the case of Saint Anthony of Padua who was named until 352 days after his death.

The last canonization took place in October 2019, when the Pope declared Cardinal John Henry Newman and Sister Dulce, from Brazil, saints.


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