safer and more reliable digital purchases this Good End

safer and more reliable digital purchases this Good End
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Has it happened to you that it arrives The good end And, as always, you didn't save money but there are promotions that you can't miss? It happens to many, but fortunately there are payment alternatives that adapt to the financial situation of each buyer, especially in the season prior to the December holidays.

Precisely at this time when people want to purchase a product or service that they had not planned for, access to credit becomes extremely important to make safe and reliable digital purchases.

In this sense, Ramiro Nández, commercial director of Mercado Pago Méxicoassures that the most important thing for his company today is to democratize financial services that include everyone, and especially to provide consumers with the best shopping experience:

In Mexico there is a large part of the population that does not have a bank account; That means that they are people who are a little outside the traditional financial system; In fact, only 30% of the Mexican population has access to credit. In these seasons where we are all excited and want to buy something additional that we had not planned, you can access financing and give yourself that luxury. That is one of the main benefits in this Buen Fin. We already have more than 10 million lines of credit activated in Mexico; an enormous number when we compare it with traditional bank cards,” shared the manager.


Mercado Pago is in constant innovation, so digital advances They are a key piece in this season of Buen Fin:

We see technology as the great engine to include more people in the management and control of their finances. In recent months we have put a lot of emphasis on improving and simplifying the shopping experience; These improvements make Mercado Pago today one of the simplest options in the Mexican market,” commented Nández.

The spokesperson explained that redirecting to the app, the use of QR codes and order tracking These are some of the implementations that have improved sales conversion numbers, since previously online purchases were falling throughout the process.


User protection is another issue that Payment Market takes special care: “We want users to feel safe with purchases that are protected. We now replicate the same experience of security and trust of users in Mercado Libre with thousands of sellers who work with Mercado Pago,” Nández shared and added that with the app, all banking information is protected and is not shared with the seller. guaranteeing that cards will never be stolen or cloned.

We have one of the largest fraud prevention teams in the region, with more than 600 engineers working. We protect users from fake sellers, and sellers from gangs that use stolen cards to generate endless purchases. This is a great differential in which we stand out from the competition," said the manager and recommended that when purchasing from Buen Fin, users carefully review the seller from whom they are buying, since today there are many fake sites, especially in social networks.



  • Users with a Mercado Pago account have access to financing.
  • Payment methods: credit card or Mercado Pago account balance.
  • 10% coupon with participating banks, capped at 1,500 pesos.
  • Paying with a Mercado Pago credit card or with an account balance, a 10% discount at the front.
  • In addition to that discount, another cashback is taken into account at the end of the Good End.
  • Up to 1,900 pesos discount when making a purchase.


  • Alliance with more than 300 sellers for exclusive promotions.
  • Sellers with additional quotas to those they had activated organically.
  • MSI promotions paying with Mercado Pago with clothing and furniture retailers.


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