SADUS | The celebration of the III Conference on Alternative Sports is approaching

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After the success of previous editions, the Sports Activities Service of the University of Seville will soon hold the III Conference on Andalusian Alternative Sports. It will take place at the CDU Los Bermejales facilities next Friday, February 11.

This event, which in past editions had more than a hundred participants per edition, aims to publicize alternative sports created by regional experts. In addition, it is characterized by free and developed in a single session from 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m..

Participants will be able to see first-hand the Andalusian sports innovationsrepeating this year the sports disciplines of Pinfuvote and Ringolin which its creators Juan Lorenzo Roca Brines and Manuel Martín Martínez will also be present to give the theoretical-practical sessions, and with the novelty of the Kubo volleyball.

These sessions, for which there are still places available, are mainly aimed at professors, teachers, students of Sports Sciences, TSAFAD and sports monitors who can incorporate them into their methodology. Registration is open and, since there is a maximum quota of 90 participants, it is recommended that those interested reserve their place as soon as possible through the registration form available in 'Other Services – III Alternative Sports Conference' at

After the end of the day, the participants will receive a diploma that certifies their participation in an activity that will have allowed them to discover new sports options that represent a great opportunity to stimulate events and leisure-sports activities.

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