Sabrina Sabrok surprises by making a hot proposal to Alfredo Adame


What a surprise the public took after the model sabrina sabrok made a controversial proposal to the actor and host Alfredo Adamesame as is related to the making of an erotic video under his production company. Here we tell you the details!

In recent times, the

The model of “La Hora Pico” has made public her interest in attracting various celebrities to the world of adult cinema and thus making collaborations. And this time It was the turn of the former host of “Hoy” to receive a hot invitation.

In an interview with the program “Venga la Alegría”, Sabrina Sabrok showed his interest in Alfredo Adame and Magaly Chávezwho until a few days ago was the fiancee of the famous, to make an erotic video.

“He with his girlfriend, with his partner, of course. If they don’t have a problem showing their stuff. I don’t know her (Magaly) but are invited to record in my production company and show“He told the cameras of the renowned morning show.

In fact, the also singer already has a concept planned for her “film” in case Alfredo Adame accepts her proposal. “It has to be something bizarre. ANDin the p*rno something bizarre, a scene that comes to mind according to him, something strange, fighting with someone, I dont know. Something like that on the street that starts a scene like this, ”she specified.

In addition, she revealed that she is willing to give the actor a juicy amount of money in case he “encourages” to carry out the project: “He would be paid, everything that comes out of the royalties, everything that comes out. That’s why I would hire him because I know a lot of people would come in to see him,” he added.

However, that is not the only one of her plans, since Sabrina Sabrok’s professional goal is to be a leader in the adult film industry. So much so She is already looking to expand her horizons and debut as a producer.

“There is very little professional porn in Mexico and that is why I want to enter it as a producer, in addition to hiring professional actors and putting them in my company, I intend to do something big to compete with big companies“, declared the also singer.

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