Russian skater Kamila Valieva achieves quadruple jump in JJ.OO. | News

The young Russian Kamila Valieva, 15, made history this Monday in the Figure Skating modality by achieving a quadruple jump, the first woman to execute it in this type of sports event, within the framework of the Winter Olympic Games, Beijing 2022 .


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Valieva spun four times in midair, landing back on the ice in one sublime, graceful motion. “Never before in Olympic history has any woman achieved it,” highlighted international sports media.

In addition to doing so twice, the Russian skater managed a total of 178.92, roughly 30 points above Japanese competitor Kaori Sakamoto.

Despite presenting a flaw in one of her evolutions, the complexity of her routine led her to win the women’s free program with a score of 178.92, with 10 more points for the Russian team, which finished in first place with 74 units.

With this, the Russian representation won the gold medal, first in figure skating for the Russian Olympic Committee in Beijing 2022.

“I’m more than happy, unfortunately the second quadruple match didn’t work out, but I’ll work on it, believe me. It’s a fantastic feeling,” said Valieva, who admitted feeling “very nervous.”