Russian President to hold meeting with German Chancellor in Moscow | News

The spokesman for the Russian Government, Dmitry Peskov, announced on Monday that the head of state, Vladimir Putin, and the German Federal Foreign Minister, Olaf Scholz, will meet on February 15 to discuss issues related to the conflict with Ukraine, security conditions and the Nord Stream 2 pipeline for gas transportation.


Russia considers Western responses inadmissible

According to Peskov, the German chancellor will attend the official meeting with the Russian president after the official meeting with the president of Ukraine, Vladimir Zelensky, in Kiev, where the latter specified the need to establish legal guarantees that protect the Ukrainian nation against tensions with Russia.

In this sense, the Kremlin spokesman indicated that during the meeting between the German diplomat and the Russian president, the promotion of bilateral negotiations is expected; as well as holding a press conference.

For his part, the German diplomat, Olaf Scholz, stressed his support for Ukraine in the successive demands against the Russian nation as a consequence of an alleged military intervention in Ukraine.

Likewise, the German Federal Chancellor stated his position against the offensive actions of the Ukrainian authorities regarding the project in execution of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, between Russia and Germany.

It should be noted that regarding the work in development of the route to transport natural gas between the Russian nation and the German federation, the Ukrainian government described it as a “geopolitical weapon”.