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Russian President Vladimir Putin held talks on Wednesday with the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi, in the Kremlin, with an agenda that includes a set of bilateral cooperation issues, current international and regional issues, as well such as the implementation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action on the Iranian Nuclear Program (Jcpoa, for its acronym in English).


Presidents of Russia and Iran will meet this Wednesday

Putin thanked Raisí for “taking the time to come to Moscow during these difficult times of the Covid-19 pandemic.”

He stressed that although both leaders have been in contact since the inauguration of the Iranian president, “neither videoconferences nor telephone conversations can replace personal communication.”

The Russian president celebrated that despite the pandemic, in 2020 there was a slight but constant growth in trade between the two countries, more than six percent, and in 2021, more than 38 percent growth. In this sense, he highlighted that new bilateral projects are being implemented and work is being done in many areas.

Putin recalled that in the international arena, Russia and Iran cooperate very closely and referred, in particular, to the fact that thanks largely to the efforts of both countries, they helped the Syrian government overcome the threats associated with international terrorism. .

However, he referred to the concern of both capitals about the situation that is developing in Afghanistan.

Temporarily, on the basis of a temporary agreement, relations between Iran and the Eurasian Economic Community are developing, and Russia said to actively work to create a long-term basis, a free trade zone between Iran and the association.

Iran is also actively working as an observer in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

However, it is expected that the main topic of discussion will be the negotiations around the Jcpoa, at a time when both countries are immersed in the multilateral talks in Vienna, Austria.

Speaking briefly to the Iranian press before the meeting, Raisi said that Iran is interested in closer cooperation with Russia in fields such as economic, political, military and technological.

In addition, he appreciated that the construction of stronger ties between the two nations will help boost security, the economy and trade in the region.

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