Russian Defense Ministry warns that Ukraine is preparing a new provocation | News

The head of Russia’s National Center for Defense Management, Colonel General Mikhail Mizintsev, warned on Friday that the Ukrainian Armed Forces are preparing a new provocation to accuse the military of the Eurasian nation.


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“According to available reliable information, the kyiv regime is preparing another monstrous provocation, similar to the one carried out in Kramatorsk, to accuse the military of the Russian Federation of so-called war crimes with mass destruction of civilians,” he specified through the social networks of the Russian Defense Ministry.

Mizintsev detailed that, in the near future, a group from the 19th Missile Brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces “will soon launch an attack with the Tochka-U system against a crowd of refugees at the Lozovaya train station.”

The official clarified that the purpose is to simulate an alleged attack from the territory controlled by Russian forces and formations of the self-styled Donetsk People’s Republic. “Missiles will be launched from the side of the Staromikhaylovka settlement,” he said.

“Such actions and provocations by the Ukrainian authorities once again demonstrate their inhumane attitude towards the fate of civilians in Ukraine and testify to their total disregard for all norms of morality and international humanitarian law,” the colonel-general said.

Likewise, he reiterated that the Tochka-U tactical missiles are not used by Russia, but by the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Finally, he warned the countries of the West “led by the United States, that the Russian Federation has an operational evidence base on the terrible crimes ahead of the kyiv regime.”

Mizíntsev made reference to the attack that occurred at the Kramatorsk (Donetsk) railway station on April 8, where 50 people were killed and dozens wounded. After the event, Russia blamed the Ukrainian Armed Forces and opened a criminal case to investigate the spread of false information about the event, linking its military.

This occurs in the midst of the special military operation announced by the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, on February 24, for the defense of Donbas, the denazification and demilitarization of Ukraine.