Russian armed forces repel Ukrainian attack on Belgorod | News

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The Russian Armed Forces with artillery fire forced the withdrawal of the Ukrainian terrorist group that penetrated this Sunday in the village of NĂłvaya Tavolzhanka, in Belgorod, the Ministry of Defense announced.


Death toll from Ukraine attacks in Belgorod rises to three

Units covering the state border of the Western Military District and the border service of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation repelled an attempt by a sabotage and reconnaissance group of Ukrainian terrorists to cross into the Belgorod region.

From the Russian Ministry of Defense they added that "the enemy was dispersed with artillery fire and withdrew."

The Ukrainian military regularly shells the Belgorod region and carries out drone strikes and sabotage operations.

The governor of the Russian province of Belgorod, on the border with Ukraine, Viacheslav Gladkov, has announced that throughout this Saturday, June 3, said territory was attacked by the Ukrainian military 569 times with different types of weapons.

Most of the impacts were registered in the urban district of Shebékino. To this area, the Ukrainian Army dropped 519 different ammunition units. As a result of this attack against the civilian population, two people died.

Due to this situation, the authorities of the Belgorod province temporarily suspended the circulation and parking of vehicles in four areas of this urban district that suffers daily shelling by the Ukrainian Forces.

The governor noted: "The night has been quite turbulent in the Belgorod region. Shebekino and Volokonovka districts have been shelled. There is a lot of destruction. There is no information about casualties."

Some 4,000 people are now in temporary accommodation and children from the area are being transferred to a camp in Crimea for their own safety, Gladkov added.

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