Russia summons Czech chargé d'affaires to protest freezing of state assets

Russia summons Czech chargé d'affaires to protest freezing of state
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The Russian diplomatic authorities have indicated in a statement on their website that they expressed to the Czech representative "the inadmissibility of such legal arbitrariness", which the Foreign Ministry spokesperson, Maria Zakharovaalready rejected forcefully on Friday.

Thus, the Russian authorities have warned to the Czech chargé d'affaires who Moscow "will use all means" to "protect its legitimate interests", thus slipping possible retaliatory measures against Czech Republic.

Zakharova The day before, he crossed out this measure as "another anti-Russian step" that also confirms his "persistent intention to pursue confrontation" with Moscow. The Foreign Ministry spokesperson assured that "such an act will not go unanswered."

"Prague considers it an achievement to be the first to resort to such measures regarding Russian property, but the scoop on such unseemly matters is a dubious honor and will undoubtedly result in harm to the initiators of such a campaign," he added.

Czech Foreign Minister Jan Lipavskyannounced on Wednesday that the Executive had approved the freezing of Russian state assets in the Czech Republic after he himself proposed it.

"This is where the commercial activities with which Russia finances the murder of Ukrainians end," said the person in charge of diplomacy on his official profile on the social network X.

That measure was quickly welcomed by the Ukrainian authorities, from where the Foreign Minister, Dimitro Kuleba, urged the rest of the countries to do the same as Prague and use the seized funds to finance the recovery of Ukraine.


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