Russia steps up attacks on major Ukrainian cities

The Russian army has stepped up attacks on major Ukrainian cities. Rockets rain down on them daily, causing dozens of civilian casualties. Seven people died in Lviv and another in Kharkiv during bombings that began at dawn and continued this morning.

After the failure of the ground invasion and the conquest of Kyiv, the Russian military strategy now relies on missile artillery and air strikes throughout Ukraine. The Russian army now follows the same pattern as in Syria. At the head of that campaign, between 2015 and 2016, was General Alexander Dvornikov, known for the brutality of the air and artillery attacks against cities such as Aleppo, where tens of thousands of people died.

Lviv, the most punished city

Dvornikov is now the head of the operational command in Ukraine and this explains the intensity of the attacks against civilian population centers. The Russian Ministry of Defense has reported a hundred “military objectives” reached in Ukraine in recent hours, a figure that the Russian media, all related to the Kremlin, raise to more than 300.


Several people watch as Ukrainian rescuers put out the fire after the Russian shelling in the city of Lviv, Ukraine,


Lviv has been the most punished city today. Three missiles destroyed several military warehouses that the Ukrainian authorities claim were empty. Another fell very close to the station, a key point for the evacuation of civilians to Poland. Lviv is about 70 kilometers from the border.

in Lviv

At least seven dead and eight injured

In this attack on Lviv seven people have died and eight others have been injured. The rocket fell on a garage, a restaurant and a grocery store.

In Kreminna four people were killed and another wounded when Russian soldiers opened fire on their car. The victims were circulating along a street trying to leave the town.


A woman weeps over her father’s body after the Russian shelling, as Russia’s attack on Ukraine continues, in Kharkiv.


The Kyiv metropolitan area was again attacked for the third day in a row. Kharkiv, Dnipro and Mykolaiv, near Odessa, were also targeted by Russian missiles. In these cities, the Ukrainian defenses manage to keep the invading forces at bay, but the cost for the civilian population is higher every day. The sirens that warn of danger sound constantly and in many neighborhoods of these cities there is a lack of water, electricity, gas and provisions.

The Russian Ministry of Defense has recognized the death of another general in combat, a triumph that raises the morale of the Ukrainians and reiterates the weakness of the Russian chain of command, which requires high-ranking officers to be in the front line of combat so that Orders are carried out more efficiently.


Clouds of black smoke billow on the horizon following Russian missile attacks on Lviv following the sinking of the Russian Navy cruiser Moskva in the Black Sea

DPA. via Europa Press / EP

The shelling of Mariupol was the most intense in recent days. The Ukrainian defense is resisting in the industrial complex of the Azovstal steelworks, protected by a network of tunnels and bunkers. It is impossible to enter or leave the city, where some 100,000 people remain trapped.

Russia will continue to pummel this Black Sea city until it eliminates the last of the 2,500 Ukrainian soldiers still defending it. It needs the square to connect by land with the Crimean peninsula, invaded and annexed in 2014.

in Mariupol

100,000 people are still trapped in bunkers

The fighting is so intense throughout Ukraine that today, for the second consecutive day, the Russian army has not allowed any corridor to be opened to evacuate civilians from the areas most affected by its artillery. The fame of General Dvornikov, the butcher of Aleppo, is confirmed.

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