Russia shoots down Ukrainian helicopter that attacked Klimovo village | News

The Russian Ministry of Defense reported this Friday that its air defense forces destroyed with S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems a Ukrainian MI-8 helicopter that attacked civilians in the village of Klímovo, in the province of Brianks.


State of emergency declared in Russian district after attack by two Ukrainian helicopters

According to the military entity, the number and scale of attacks against kyiv will increase in response to the aggressions of the Ukrainian forces on its territory.

During the night of this Thursday, Kalibr long-range sea missiles attacked a military installation on the outskirts of kyiv. Among the devastated facilities were workshops for the production and repair of long- and medium-range anti-aircraft missile systems and anti-ship missiles of the Vizar machine-building plant.

Similarly, the Defense agency specified that they took control of the Iliich steel factory in Mariupol and “completely liberated it from the Ukrainian nationalists.”

Meanwhile, Russian rocket troops annihilated the Polish mercenary unit in the town of Izumskoye in the Kharkov region, killing at least 30 soldiers.

In turn, the ministry explained that eight kyiv UAVs were shot down, and aerial missiles hit seven enemy objects, while tactical aviation destroyed 13 military targets.

Since the beginning of the special military operation, Russian troops have destroyed 132 aircraft, 105 helicopters, 245 anti-aircraft missile systems, 456 unmanned aerial vehicles, 2,213 tanks and other armored vehicles, 249 multiple rocket launchers, 966 field artillery units and mortars, as well as 2,110 units of special military vehicles, secured from the institution.