Russia says it will protect its security from NATO | News


Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushkó specified on Wednesday that his country will protect national security, following the Council Russia – North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).


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The diplomat said in a press conference that the country will take all necessary actions “to prevent any infringement of the legitimate security interests in defense of Russia.”

Regarding the organization’s performance, the Russian representative indicated that “if NATO changes to a policy of containment, then there will be a policy of counter-deterrence on our part.”

“Today we have explicitly said that this is an element that must be present, in any case, it is an absolute imperative: the stopping of the ‘open door’ policy and the presentation to Russia of legal guarantees that there will be no further expansion of the NATO to the east ”, valued the Russian representative.

In the same way, he stressed that, if NATO’s position is one of intimidation, then Russia will assume a counter-intimidation position and warned that NATO members must respect the principle of indivisible security that all have signed in various Euro-Atlantic documents.

“We hope that the NATO countries will present their opinions on how the implementation path of the proposals that we have presented can be followed or explain why they are unacceptable,” said the official.

On the path of this implementation, Grushkó expressed that “one of the factors that systematically influence this is the evolutionary security schemes during the Cold War, the return to the 1949 schemes.”

In this regard, the vice chancellor said that Russia would consider restoring its permanent mission to the body, if it transformed its policy and abandoned attempts to increase tensions.

Likewise, Grushkó said that Russia would not allow anyone to make decisions about its diplomatic presence.

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