Russia restricts the use of Twitter and Facebook in the country: both networks seek to maintain their operations

Access to Twitter and Facebook was blocked in Russia, in what has been a new escalation of tensions with the West, product of the military invasion in Ukraine.

The news about the blocking of Facebook was reported during the first hours of this Friday, later, international agencies announced that Twitter had also been blocked.

both apps had remained in Russia as media outside the control of the Russian communications regulatory bodyknown as Roskomnadzor.

The blocking of Facebook and Twitter seems a response from the government headed by President Vladimir Putinfor the sanctions on various social networks and platforms such as YouTube that froze Russian media accounts.

Last weekend, the video channel YouTube announced that it would modify its algorithm so that videos from Russian media such as RT not appear in their accounts, in addition to prohibiting them from monetizing their content.

Later, the regulatory body Roskomnadzor confirmed in a statement that the blocking of Facebook and Twitter is a consequence of the blocks from the accounts of RT, Sputnik and RIA Novosti, in addition to other media.

As part of the tensions resulting from the invasion of Ukraine, several media outlets that sent correspondents to cover the conflict announced that they would withdraw their journalists due to imminent risks to their safety.

Facebook and Twitter respond to the Russian blockade

Hours after the blocking of Facebook and Twitter became known, both networks spoke out and assured that have made efforts to keep accounts active of its users in Russia.

Meta reported through a statement that was working to keep “our services available as far as possible".

"Ads targeting people in Russia will be paused, and advertisers within Russia will no longer be able to create or serve ads anywhere in the world, including within Russia," Facebook's parent company added, according to a network report. ABCNews.

For his part, the head of Twitter security, Yoel Roth, indicated that the social network did not have precise information that the platform had been disabled In its whole.

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