Russia recognizes the independence of the self-proclaimed republics of Donetsk and Luhansk | News

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced on Monday that he recognizes the independence of the self-proclaimed people’s republics of Donetsk and Lugansk, and ratified his willingness to ratify mutual friendship agreements with each one.


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“I consider immediately recognizing the independence and sovereignty of the Donetsk People’s Republic and the Lugansk People’s Republic, and I ask the Federal Assembly to ratify the friendship agreements, of collaboration with the republics. These documents will be prepared and signed soon,” he said. the mandatary.

This occurs after the leaders of Donetsk, Denís Pushilin, and Lugansk, Leonid Pásechnik, asked the Russian president to recognize the independence of the two self-proclaimed territories, as well as the possibility of establishing bilateral cooperation agreements with each one.

Previously, the Kremlin had announced that the head of state “declared that he intends to sign a decree shortly” on the recognition of the independence of both self-proclaimed republics.

Situation with Ukraine

During his speech, the president spoke about the situation in Donbas and described it as critical, aggravated in recent weeks. However, he stressed that Ukraine is not just a neighboring country, but “they are our comrades and loved ones.”

In addition, he reviewed the history of relations between Russia and Ukraine, after the October Revolution of 1917, and criticized the decision to hand over what he called “historical Russian territories to Ukraine.”

In this sense, he valued that “the events of the past cannot be changed, but at least we should be transparent with them, without any political connotation (…) Despite the problems known to all, Russia has always cooperated openly and honest with Ukraine, respecting its interests.

The Russian Executive questioned that Ukraine “has never had a stable tradition of its own and authentic State, (and) copied foreign models far from reality.”

Likewise, he warned that “Ukraine is divided and is going through an acute economic crisis,” denouncing that the authorities of that country plan to “build their own nuclear weapons and have the technology to do so,” for which they have the complicity of the Treaty Organization. of the North Atlantic (NATO).

In this sense, he expressed that Ukraine is for NATO a stage for war maneuvers and questioned NATO’s constant non-compliance with Russia with its expansion to the east, while Kiev has been proclaiming a strategy to enter the Atlantic alliance for some time.

Separately, Putin said that NATO documents officially declare Russia as the main threat to Euro-Atlantic security, asking that “if they don’t want to see us as their friend and ally, why make us an enemy?” .

Defense of Russian sovereignty

President Putin reaffirmed that Russia will never compromise its national sovereignty and values, indicating that the goal of the situation with Ukraine is to stop the development of his country. “And they will do it, as before, even without any formal pretext, just because we exist and we will never compromise our sovereignty, our national interests and our values,” he said.

“Ukraine’s integration into NATO is a direct threat to Russia’s security,” he said.

The president confirmed that Russia has always been in favor of all problems being resolved through political and diplomatic means, but emphasized that his country has every right to take measures to guarantee its own security when threatened.

Likewise, he warned that “once again they threaten us with sanctions, which, by the way, I think they will continue to impose as Russia’s sovereignty and the power of our Armed Forces grow. And the pretext for another attack of sanctions will always be sought or just made.”