Russia: Nord Stream Incident Was in US Controlled Area | News

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The spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zajárova, explained this Thursday that the incidents that occurred with the Nord Stream pipeline were recorded in an exclusive economic zone of Denmark and Sweden, an area controlled by the intelligence agencies of the United States (EE). .USA)


Russia will analyze leaks in gas pipelines before the Security Council

Speaking to the Soloviev Live program, Zajárova recalled that these are countries very focused on the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) "that are crammed with US weapons, these are the same countries that are completely controlled by US intelligence services" .

"They are absolutely and precisely under the control of the United States intelligence services, which are in total control of the situation there," the official emphasized.

Likewise, he referred to the statements of the Secretary of State of that country, Antony Blinken, indicating that "for many years, the United States has fought against this project by all available means (...) So when Mr. Blinken says that no one benefits from the destruction of the project, it's ridiculous. It's a lie."

The day before, Zajárova urged US President Joe Biden to respond if his country complied with the threats made last February, when he said he would end Nord Stream 2 if Russian troops "cross the border again ukrainian".

Last Monday, the authorities of Denmark and Sweden reported two gas leaks in Nord Stream 1 and one in Nord Stream 2, near the island of Bornholm, Russian gas pipelines for export to Europe.

For its part, Russia officially requested information from Denmark about the incident as soon as it learned about the incident, and it is not ruled out that it was sabotage.

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