Russia expresses concern about humanitarian situation in Gaza | News


The Russian Foreign Ministry stressed on Saturday its concern about a possible worsening of the humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip after new Israeli attacks in the area.


Iran condemns Israel’s new attack on the Gaza Strip

The spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zajárova, specified that the critical situation threatens the resumption of a large-scale military confrontation; as well as the worsening of the humanitarian crisis in the region.

“Moscow is concerned about a new spiral of armed violence in the area of ​​the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, we urge all parties involved to exercise maximum restraint, avoid escalation of hostilities and return to respect the ceasefire,” the entity pointed out.

Zakharova added that the Russian Federation fulfills the position reflected in the resolutions of the General Assembly and the United Nations Security Council, in support of a comprehensive and long-term solution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, in accordance with the principle of two states.

Likewise, the Russian spokeswoman indicated that it is only possible to end the violence within the framework of the negotiation process, the result of which should be respect for the legitimate national rights of the Palestinian people.

It is worth mentioning that, during the last 24 hours, tensions in Gaza have risen, while the Palestinian resistance blames Israel for having started the aggression, warning that the Zionist regime must pay the price for its crimes.

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