Russia destroys Ukrainian helicopters near Odessa | News


Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov reported Monday that Russian forces shot down a group of helicopters with Onyx cruise missiles at an airfield in the Odessa region of southwestern Ukraine.


Putin: operation in Ukraine was preventive response to imminent aggression

Also on Sunday, three unmanned aerial vehicles, including two Bayraktar-TB2s, were shot down near Zmeiny Island, the official said.

According to the Russian colonel-general, high-precision aerial missiles destroyed two command posts, a Ukrainian battery of Grad multiple rocket launchers near Popasnaya, 18 assembly areas of military personnel and equipment near Lisichansk, a radio detection station counterbattery made in the USA, near Zolotoye.

The operational-tactical and army aviation neutralized 52 areas of concentration of military personnel and equipment, as well as an ammunition depot near Glukhov.

Similarly, missile troops and artillery units destroyed eight command posts, 26 artillery units at their firing positions, and 211 assembly areas for military personnel and equipment.

During the day of the Russian special military operation in Ukraine, 350 Ukrainian nationalists were killed and 56 units of military equipment were neutralized. In addition, 4 Ukrainian Smerch multiple rocket launchers, a launch ramp of the Bogodukhov S-300 air defense system were shelled.

So far, 160 planes and 118 helicopters have been neutralized, along with 783 unmanned aerial vehicles, 299 anti-aircraft missile systems, 2,949 tanks and other armored fighting vehicles.

In the military operation, Russian forces have killed 342 multiple launch rocket systems, 1,423 field artillery and mortars, in addition to 2,769 units of Ukrainian special military vehicles.

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