Russia denounces possible Ukrainian aggression against Transnistria | News

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The Russian Defense Ministry announced Thursday that Ukraine has intensified preparations for an offensive against Transnistria, while the Kremlin warned the United States (USA) and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) that any attack on its troops deployed in the territory of that self-proclaimed republic will be considered an aggression against Moscow.


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The ministry noted that there is a significant buildup of Ukrainian forces in the vicinity of Transnistria, with the deployment of artillery pieces and an increase in military drone flights.

Days ago Russia denounced that Ukraine plans a provocation in that self-proclaimed republic, in which it would use troops dressed in Russian uniforms to blame Moscow for attacking Kiev from that territory, located to the west, between Ukraine and Moldova.

"The implementation of the provocation planned by the Ukrainian authorities poses a direct threat to the Russian peacekeeping contingent legally deployed in Transnistria," the agency stressed.

In this sense, the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated in a statement: "We warn the US, the NATO member states and their Ukrainian pupils not to take another adventurous step."

"There should be no doubt that the Russian armed forces will adequately respond to the Kiev regime's provocation, if it occurs, and will protect our compatriots, the Russian peacekeeping contingent, the military of the Operational Group of Russian forces and to military depots in the Cobasna settlement in Transnistria", highlighted the Foreign Ministry.

In July 1992, Moscow deployed the so-called peacekeeping contingent in accordance with the agreement on the principles of settlement of the armed conflict, which was signed by the then presidents of Russia and Moldova.

For its part, the Pentagon announced a new $2 billion military aid package for Ukraine that includes, among other weapons, additional ammunition for Himars multiple rocket launchers and Switchblade 600 drones.

Similarly, the new supply includes detection equipment for electronic warfare and against drones, mine clearance, support and surveillance drones, as well as secure communications.

In addition, Canada announced that it will send additional assistance to kyiv of more than 32 million dollars "in support to further strengthen the security and stabilization of Ukraine."

The Canadian Foreign Ministry specified that the aid includes financing for mine clearance, accountability measures, and countering chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear threats.

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