Russia denounces new provocations on situation in Ukraine | News

The spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zajárova, denounced this Sunday that Western countries are preparing new provocations around the situation in Ukraine.


Russia calls not to speculate on alleged aggression against Ukraine

“A preparation is taking place for possibly a series of major provocations. Public consciousness and opinion are being prepared. For NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) and the Anglo-Saxons, it is extremely important to create this information environment, otherwise they cannot act,” the diplomat told local media.

Zajárova specified that this is the reason why there is so much false news in the media regarding the subject and did not rule out that the manipulations are both in the informative and military order.

This Saturday, the United Kingdom launched accusations about Russia that it was looking for a “leader favorable to its interests” in Kiev, while “weighing whether to invade and occupy Ukraine.”

The British Foreign Ministry stated that former Ukrainian parliamentarian Evgueni Muraev would be among the Kremlin’s candidates to replace President Vladimir Zelensky.

Initially, the Russian Foreign Ministry urged the UK to put aside the provocations and stop spreading what it described as nonsense or nonsense, while stressing that disinformation from London is one more reason why it is shown that the countries of the Atlantic alliance fuel tensions around Ukraine.