Russia denies its responsibility in the Bucha massacre, Ukraine | News


The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, denied on Tuesday that his country was responsible for the events denounced in the Ukrainian city of Bucha, 70 km from kyiv, in a meeting with his Belarusian counterpart, Alexander Lukashenko, who attributed to the United Kingdom the which he called a “psychological operation” in that city.


President Putin affirms that Russia will fulfill its objectives in Ukraine

Putin in his speech on Tuesday denounced that the allegations that the Russian military committed atrocities in the Ukrainian city of Bucha are “as false as the accusations of the use of chemical weapons by the president of Syria, Bashar al Assad”.

The Russian president elaborated on the matter: “Then it turned out to be false news. The same hoax as in Bucha”, while revealing that the President of Belarus, Lukashenko, gave him documents on the events in Bucha, which reveal, according to what he stated, “how and who […] traveled to the town and set the stage for this provocation.

The Russian president thus defended himself against the accusations about the responsibility of his country in the events of Bucha

Putin’s words came after the Belarusian president specified that the United Kingdom organized what he called a “psychological operation” in Bucha and, in that sense, said “together with our Russian friends, we have unmasked from the first to the last hour this ugly and vile position of the West,” he said.

It was during this meeting that the Russian president confirmed that the course of what he calls the special military operation in Ukraine is “going according to plan” and said in this regard: “we must not hide anything from the public […]we have to cover this war work objectively,” he stressed.

The meeting between Putin and Lukashenko took place from the commemoration this Tuesday of the Cosmonautics Day in Russia, which remembers the date on which, in 1961, the first successful human flight into space took place, the one carried out by the then Soviet, Yuri Gagarin.

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