Russia confirms the transfer of opponent Navalni to a high-security prison near Moscow


The Russian authorities confirmed that the prominent opponent Alexei Navalni was transferred to a high-security prison in the Vladimir region, in the surroundings of the capital, Moscow, after his circle denounced that his whereabouts were unknown.

“Navalni has been transferred to a strict regime colony, IK-6, in the town of Melejovo, in the Vladimir region,” said the chairman of the regional Public Oversight Commission, Sergei Yazhan, in a statement given to the Russian news agency Interfax.

During the day on Tuesday, Navalni’s spokeswoman, Kira Yarmysh, denounced that the opponent was missing after being transferred from the prison where he was serving a sentence of eleven years in prison.

“Navalni has been transferred from penal colony number 2,” he said, before adding that “Neither his lawyers nor his relatives have been notified of this transfer.” Yarmysh noted however that there were “rumors” about his transfer to IK-6 in Melekhovo.

Navalni has been detained since he returned to Moscow in January 2021, after recovering in Berlin from a severe poisoning suffered a few months earlier. Then, the Justice determined that he should enter prison to serve a sentence for fraud of two and a half years issued in 2014.

He was later sentenced in March to another nine years in prison. after convicting him of fraud and contempt, the latter charge in relation to insulting a judge and the prosecutor during a trial for slander against a World War II veteran (1941-1945) in a message posted on the social network Twitter in June 2020, in which case he was fined 850 thousand rubles.

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