Russia confirms the cessation of gas supplies to Finland | News


Russian energy giant Gazprom confirmed the complete suspension of gas supplies to Finland’s state gas company Gasum from Saturday due to its non-payment in rubles.


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As of Friday’s close, Gazprom Export had not received any ruble payments from Gasum for gas supplies in April, the company said in a statement.

According to a Russian presidential decree from March, Russian gas supplied from April 1 must be paid for in rubles, of which the counterparties were informed in a timely manner, the Russian firm assured.

Gazprom Export delivered 1.49 billion cubic meters of natural gas to Finland in 2021, accounting for two-thirds of the total gas consumption in the Nordic country, it added.

The Government of Finland confirmed that deliveries of gas from Russia have ceased since May 21 after the Nordic country refused to pay in rubles for the fuel.

“Energy companies can use other fuels than gas and some have already done so,” the Finnish Economy Ministry said in a statement.

On April 1, Russian regulations for the use of the ruble in gas trade with hostile countries included in a list of more than 45 states, including Finland, which imposed sanctions on Moscow for its military operation in Ukraine, came into force.

According to Olli Sipilä, one of the CEOs of the Finnish company Gasgrid. gas has started to flow to Finland from the Baltic countries and that the switchover has gone smoothly.

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