Russia claims the West declared a hybrid all-out war on it | News

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov again accused the West of taking advantage of the special military operation in Ukraine to unleash a hybrid war against the Eurasian nation on all fronts.


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“Using the crisis in Ukraine as a pretext, the collective West has effectively declared a hybrid all-out war on us. It covers the most diverse fields, among them the news”, assured Lavrov during his participation in the conference on the digital age of international relations.

According to the foreign minister, the West claimed the title of beacon of democracy and “grossly violates its international commitments” regarding freedom of expression and equal access to information.

For Lavrov, these nations forgot about those obligations as soon as Russia began to defend its legitimate interests.

The minister even recalled the stage of international agreements within the framework of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), which were considered to be based on universal human values ​​equal to all.

“In 1990-1991, numerous OSCE documents were adopted, then, as you know, in a wave of euphoria about universal human values, everything seemed so rosy, and we moved into the future confident that these values universal humans illuminate the path for us into the future, which will surely be bright for all”, said the diplomat.