Russia calls on the West to respond to security proposals | News


The spokesman for the Russian Presidency, Dmitri Peskov, called on the West to give a concrete response to the proposals for security guarantees made by his country and stressed that the tensions on the border with Ukraine are excessive.


Russia warns the West about delay in offering guarantees

Speaking to a US television station, highlighted this Sunday by local media, he pointed out that the militarization of Ukraine in the context of the eastward expansion of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) creates a very dangerous situation for Europe.

He explained that for this reason Moscow insists on obtaining a direct response to its concerns, “a very specific response to our very specific proposals,” he said.

Peskov reiterated the request to obtain legally binding guarantees that Ukraine will not become a member of NATO, one of the demands included by Russia in the proposals for security guarantees that it presented to the United States (US) and NATO on December 17 last.

In addition, he stressed that his country is not interested in an escalation against Ukraine and stated that the US has no evidence to support the accusation that Moscow would invade Kiev.

He warned about the possible execution of provocations to support the thesis of the Russian threat and warned that attempts to resolve the crisis in southeastern Ukraine by force will have serious consequences.

He denied that Russia is wanted to be linked to the recent hacker attacks against Ukrainian government sites, and said that any statement on the matter would continue other unsubstantiated accusations against Moscow.

Peskov appreciated that Russia and the West have reached some agreements, but in general they are on very different paths. He found this disturbing.

In addition to not including Ukraine or other ex-Soviet countries in NATO, Russia also demands that the military alliance not deploy offensive weapons, including nuclear weapons, that reach deep into its territory near its borders.

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